St. Gerard’s ECD Centre’s Philosophy

To LOVE to learn is one of the most precious gifts one can give a child. Education should awaken in a child the taste for real lifelong learning experience.

At St. Gerard’s ECD Centre, we are passionate about developing and caring for your child in their formative years.

We provide a well-structured, vibrant and nurturing environment to give children the very best educational start in life, which is anchored in love.

Our philosophy of: AS THE TWIG IS SHAPED, SO SHALL THE TREE GROW, shows the importance of guiding children properly.

Our Logo Displays the Perfect combination of qualities for the Optimum Development of your child:

Teddy Bear for Love (Emotional Quotient)
Ice-Cream for Fun (Social Quotient)
Books for Knowledge (Intellectual Quotient)
Tree for Growth (Physical and Motor Development)
And the Dolphins indicate our Situation along the Coast.

Investing in the next generation is vital.

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