History of St. Gerard's ECD Centre

The name St. Gerard's is synonymous with the Bluff.  The school was first started by the Roman Catholic sisters in the 20th century (1940's), who also founded the Bluff Parish.

St. Gerard's is the oldest Nursery School on the Bluff. Initially, situated at 441 Marine Drive, the previous premises was a Monastery, which was converted into the school in the 20th century.

That shoreline property of 441 Marine Drive was steeped in history, as is 43 Sormany Road.
It is believed that when Vasco Da Gama landed on the East Coast in 1497, he enjoyed fishing from the very shoreline of the old premises.

In 1980, the school was bought by Anne Harrison and in 2001, I bought St. Gerard's from Anne to prevent the school from closing down. The building was old and crumbling and I would have had to close the school to reconstruct. So by divine intervention, I stumbled across the current premises in 2005, and construction began in 2007.

We re-located St. Gerard’s to Sormany Road in 2008. The original building on the site was the House of St. Augustine, whose health was restored by the Nuns of the Parish. Thereafter, He gifted the house to the Nuns as a Summer holiday home. The Nuns then made this site a Children's holiday home in the 20th century.

Bringing the school to Sormany Road, restores the purpose that this site was meant for.

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